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Fitness Finesse : Bradford Cardio Rehab GymCoronary heart disease is the most common cause of premature death in the United Kingdom where it is estimated that approximately 2.6 million people have the disease.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) encompasses all disorders of the heart and blood vessels. It accounts for 40% of UK deaths.

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the largest cause of cardiovascular disease related deaths.

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Bradford

cardiac rehabilitation

We are one of the few providers of safe & effective Cardiac Rehabilitation in the Bradford area and were one of the first gyms in Bradford to adopt the Doctor Excercise Referral scheme (BEEP).Cardio Rehabillitation Bradford

There is overwhelming evidence that comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation is associated with a reduction in mortality rates and that it also reduces the likelihood of a further cardiac event (e.g. Heart Attack). Cardiac rehabilitation improves functional capacity and perceived quality of life whilst also supporting early return to work and the development of self-management skills.
The BACPR Standards and Core Components for Cardio Vascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation 2012. (2nd Edition).

Whilst the therapeutic role of regular exercise has long been recognised, it is only recently that community-based exercise programmes have become available to provided support to cardiac patients as they progress towards regaining their fitness and improving their quality of life.

Our specialist instructor delivers twice weekly Phase IV exercise programmes at the Cardio Club as part of the overall long-term management of individuals with heart disease who are undergoing the transition from Phase III group sessions to independence and enhanced self-motivation.

To be eligible to attend the Cardio Club the CHD (Cardiac Heart Disease) patient must be in transition from Phase III to Phase IV training or be referred by his/her GP or other designated health professional.

For further information contact should be made with our BACPR Phase IV Instructor, June Smith.

bacpr-qualified-instructor-june-smithI have always believed that anyone, no matter what medical problem they may have, can participate in some form of exercise and this maxim is particularly relevant to those with cardiac related conditions. Phase IV is a hugely important element in the process of building self-confidence and reintroducing individuals to a full and active life following cardiac illness and it is with this belief that we have now made this facility available in Bradford

June Smith, BACPR Phase IV Instructor | FdSc Health Related Exercise & Fitness

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