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Power Plate

Power Plate

In 2002 we became the first fitness centre in the Yorkshire area to offer Power-Plate training. Members introduced to the Power-Plate then are still using it now.

Training with the Power-Plate can drastically reduce workout times and is suitable for people ranging from sedentary individuals to regular exercisers, amateur and professional sports people, senior citizens, those requiring injury rehabilitation and with health problems or convalescing. Tests with MS patients, ME patients, fibro myalgia patients, arthritis patients and people suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) have shown very positive results.

Working on the concept of vibrational therapy, Power-Plate exercises muscles to maximum capacity without putting any strain on joints and speeds up the metabolism. It provides a number of cosmetic effects such as reducing the appearance of cellulite and collagen improvement. There is also considerably more fat reduction in people who train for 10 minutes three times a week on the Power-Plate than in those who do aerobics for one hour three times a week.

Power PlateThe Power-Plate is now a fully accepted form of exercise by top-class sports people and celebrities and our own research, both in this country and its native Holland, has led us to be convinced that it has proved to be a true revolution in the field of physical training.

The Power-Plate is a great alternative for people who have problems exercising (physical restrictions, lack of time, dislike of exercises etc.) as well as being a valuable addition when combined with fitness training or other forms of sport.

See what our customers say:

I have been attending the Fitness Finesse Gym since early July 2002. Since I am unable to do conventional exercises, I go three times per week for sessions on the Power-Plate.
When I first attended all the muscles in my left leg were becoming wasted and it was very difficult and painful to walk. Now those muscles are beginning to bulk up again and walking is be- coming easier. I had been unable to lift my arm above my head for several years. Now I can move my arm freely.
I have noticed that my whole body tone is improving, and my weight is reducing. Also my blood pressure and blood sugar levels appear to be stabilising.
P. C. (55 yrs)
Without the Power-Plate and the determination of the gym instructors to get me walking again, I think I would have still been hobbling around on crutches, or worse, maybe a wheel-chair, for a very long time. I am now starting to get my life back!
M.R.S. (58 yrs)
Congratulations to June and Malcolm for the addition of the 'POWER-PLATE' at FITNESS FINESSE.
I was born with slightly deformed feet and at that time there was no operation available to cure my problem. I didn't have a lot of flexibility in my feet but with the help of padding and numerous supports (orthotics) I have been able to race-walk, run and cycle.
Unfortunately, as I got older my feet became arthritic and a lot of the flexibility I had was quickly disappearing and my feet were very painful - I was also having pain in my knees.
I am now pleased to say that after using the POWER-PLATE for about 8 weeks my feet are less painful - I have more flexibility than I have ever had and I don't need to wear padding or orthotics in my shoes.
I can't praise this machine enough and I shall continue to use it on a regular basis.
Henry S. Thornton. (69 yrs)

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