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Cardio Rehabilitation Club Bradford

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Mercon House,
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BEEP (Bradford Encouraging Exercising People)

Cardiac Training BradfordIn 1995 we became one of the first fitness centres in the Bradford area to participate in the 'Bradford Encouraging Exercising People' (BEEP) exercise referral scheme and have remained an approved facility ever since.

We believe that anyone, no matter what medical problem they may have, can participate in some form of exercise and the BEEP scheme provides an ideal opportunity for them to introduce a fitness regime to their lives.

Literally hundreds of BEEP scheme clients have passed through our doors over the years, many remaining members to the present day.


  • BEEP Consultation: Individual exercise for health advice related to medial history
  • 30 exercise session discount vouchers valid for three months
  • Telephone support from BEEP practitioner
  • BEEP Passport to Leisure Card valid for 12 months on request

Further Information is available from the BEEP practitioner; Tel No. 01274 435388.



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